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Recent Results Session

The ISIT 2024 recent results session takes place on Monday (July 8), 15:25-16:55 at the -1 Lobby Level. The session consists of contributions in the following areas (click the links for details on the contributions):


Time and place: Monday (July 8) afternoon from 15:25-16:55, at the Level -1 Lobby. Please come at 2pm to set up your posters. Student volunteers will be there to help. 

Poster dimensions: The poster panels will be VERTICAL with dimensions 100 cm W * 250 cm H. We suggest the universal A0 size in portrait orientation (84 cm W * 119 cm H). However, if you wish the posters to be bigger, they can be up to 100 cm W and up to 150 cm H. 

Local printer service: ISIT recommends La Chouette at 16 Alexandrou Pantou str., Kallithea, which is 600 m from the conference venue. (email: [email protected]). The deadline for poster presenters to email (to  [email protected]) their poster files will be Wednesday, July 3 at 17.00 local time (EEST). After that date, La Chouette cannot provide any guarantees that posters will be printed and be available for pickup. More instructions here.


Coding Techniques and Applications

Title of submissionAuthorsAffiliation
A Refinement of ExpurgationGiuseppe Cocco, Albert Guillen i Fabregas, Josep Font-SeguraUniversitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
About the structure of binary CSS-T quantum codesEduardo Camps-Moreno, Hiram H. López, Gretchen L. Matthews, Diego Ruano, Rodrigo San-José, Ivan SoprunovUniversity of Valladolid
Achieving Optimal Short-Blocklength Secrecy Rates Using PAC Codes for the Erasure Wiretap ChannelHsuan-Yin Lin, Yi-Sheng Su, Mao-Ching ChiuSimula UiB, Norway; Department of Communications Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan, R.O.C.
An Improved Existence of Hadamard Matrices from Golay Complementary SequencesCheng Du, Yi JiangFudan University
Binary Cyclic-gap Constant Weight Codes of Order-Optimal SizeBirenjith Sasidharan, Emanuele Viterbo, Son Hoang DauMonash University
Finite-rate sparse quantum codes aplentyMaxime Tremblay, Guillaume Duclos-Cianci, Stefanos KourtisUniversité de Sherbrooke
Toward Low-latency Iterative Decoding of QLDPC Codes Under Circuit-Level NoiseAnqi Gong, Joseph M. Renes, Sebastian CammererETH Zurich



Title of submissionAuthorsAffiliation
An Achievable Rate-Distortion Region of Joint Identification and Sensing for Multiple Access ChannelsYaning Zhao, Wafa Labidi, Holger Boche, Eduard Jorswieck, Christian DeppeTechnical University of Braunschweig
Covert Communication Over Additive-Noise ChannelsCécile Bouette, Laura Luzzi, Ligong WangLaboratoire ETIS—UMR 8051, CY Cergy Paris Université, ENSEA, CNRS
Discrete Fourier Transform Randomness Test based on Spectral PAPRYing Li, Chia-Chu LangYuan Ze University
Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Communication and Control Co-designZheyuan Yang, Jonathan Casas, Gerhard P. Fettweisodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems, TU Dresden
GORA: Goal Oriented Random AccessAhsen Topbas, Cagri Ari, Onur Kaya, Elif UysalMiddle East Technical University, Isik University
Information Reconciliation to Enhance the Accuracy of CSI-based Physical Layer AuthenticationAtsu Kokuvi Angélo Passah, Rodrigo C. de Lamare, Arsenia ChortiETIS UMR 8051, CYU, ENSEA, CNRS
Orthogonal Space Time Block Coding for Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation in OAM-based FSO SystemsMerhawit Berhane Teklu, Yeon Ho ChungPukyong National University
Quasi-Orthogonal Beamspace Spatial Modulation (QO-BSM) in Near-Field LoS MIMO ChannelLin Chen, Xiaojun Yuan, Ying-Jun Angela ZhangThe Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
SCMA with Rate-One Markovian EncodingJian-Jia Weng, Yi-Chien Chen, Yu-Ted SuNational Chung Cheng University
Towards the Foundations of Semantic Communications for Dynamical SystemsJavad Gholipour, Philipp Schulz, Jonathan Casas, Gerhard FettweisVodafone Chair for Mobile Communications Systems, Technische Universität Dresden


Information Theory

Title of submissionAuthorsAffiliation
Binary Maximal Leakage Meets Local Differential PrivacyCemre Cadir, Yanina Y. ShkelÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Capacity Approximation for the Insertion Channel with Small Insertion ProbabilityBusra Tegin, Tolga M DumanBilkent University
Finite Blocklength Performance of Capacity-achieving Codes in the Light of Complexity TheoryHolger Boche, Andrea Grigorescu, Rafael F. Schaefer, H. Vincent PoorTechnical University of Munich
On Exact Sequence Reconstruction Over a Stochastic t-Error ChannelVivian Papadopoulou, V. Arvind Rameshwar, Antonia Wachter-ZehTechnical University of Munich
Task-Oriented Lossy Compression with Data, Perception, and Classification ConstraintsYuhan Wang, Youlong Wu, Shuai Ma, Ying-Jun Angela ZhangDepartment of Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
The Differential Privacy Framework for the Group Representation and Group Testing ProblemsMira Gonen, Michael Langberg, Alex SprintsonTexas A&M University
Towards Rate-Distortion Analysis in Symbol-Based Assistive CommunicationRosanna Yuen-Yan ChanThe Chinese University of Hong Kong
Understanding Grokking Using Sliced Mutual InformationShelvia Wongso, Mehul MotaniNational University of Singapore
The capacity region of the MIMO-MAC-RIS channel: A large system analysisAris L. Moustakas and George C. AlexandropoulosNational & Kapodistrian University of Athens


Machine Learning

Title of submissionAuthorsAffiliation
A Novel Combinatorial Method for Distributed Matrix MultiplicationJavad Maheri and Petros EliaEurecom
Adaptive Coded Federated Learning: Privacy Preservation and Straggler MitigationChengxi Li, Ming Xiao, and Mikael SkoglundKTH Royal Institute of Technology
Byzantine-Resilient and Information-Theoretically Private Federated LearningYue Xia, Christoph Hofmeister, Maximilian Egger and Rawad BitarInstitute for Communications Engineering, Technical University of Munich, Germany
High-dimensional sparse classification using exponential weighting with empirical hinge lossThe Tien MaiNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Just Wing It: Optimal Estimation of Missing Mass in a Markovian SequenceAshwin Pananjady, Vidya Muthukumar, Andrew ThangarajGeorgia Tech
Provably E cient Information-Directed Sampling Algorithms for Multi-Agent Reinforcement LearningQiaosheng Zhang, Zhuoran Yang, Chenjia Bai, Shuyue Hu, Zhen WangShanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Secure Distributed Matrix Multiplication with Modulo Degree TablesChristoph Hofmeister, Maximilian Egger, Rawad Bitar and Antonia Wachter-ZehTechnical University of Munich
Structured Polynomial CodesMohammad Reza Deylam Salehi, Ahmad Tanha, and Derya MalakEURECOM
Tessellated Distributed ComputingAli Khalesi, Petros EliaEurecom
The Impact of Matrix Density and Threshold Variation on Threshold Group TestingJin-Taek SeongChonnam National University


New Applications

Title of submissionAuthorsAffiliation
Collaborative Bayesian PersuasionAnanya Das, Amitalok J. BudkuleyIIT Kharagpur
Gaussian Formulation and Noise Variations for Optimal Location EstimationDimitris MiliorisNokia Bell Labs
Information-Theoretical Analysis of Event-Triggered Molecular CommunicationWafa Labidi, Christian Deppe, Holger BocheTechnical University of Munich
Modelling for Efficient Scientific Data Storage Using Simple Graphs in DNAAsad Usmani, Lena WieseGoethe University Frankfurt, Germany
Networked-TCL: Modeling Epidemics on NetworksChaorui Yao, Rahal Nanayakkara, Jonathan Bunton, Matteo Marchi, Pavlos Nikolopoulos, Christina Fragouli, Paulo TabuadaEPFL - IC
Optimizing Risk-Adjusted Decision-Making: Sharpe Ratio Maximization BanditSabrina Khurshid, Mohammed Shahid Abdulla, Gourab GhatakIndian Institute of Technology Delhi
Performance Analysis of Lightweight Instantly Decodable Network CodingRina Su, Qifu Tyler Sun, Le Wang, Zhongshan ZhangBeijing Institute of Technology
Quantum Limits to Phase Estimation with Statistical Mixtures of Displaced and Squeezed Number StatesJacob Trzaska, Amit AshokJames C. Wyant College of Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Retro-information implies quantum unitary violation even in absence of Closed Time CurvesPhilippe Jacquet, Veronique JolyInria, France
SWAP: Sparse Entropic Wasserstein Regression for Robust Network PruningLei You, Hei Victor ChengAarhus University
The asymptotic behavior of generalized IRLS algorithmsChiraag Kaushik, Justin Romberg, Vidya MuthukumarSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology