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The Olympeion was a sanctuary devoted to the Olympian god Zeus.

Monuments and sites include

  • The Temple of Zeus Olympios: built in 124-132 AD, it had 104 Corinthian and Ionic-style columns. 
  • The Temple of Apollo Delphinios: a Doric-style temple constructed in 500 BC. 
  • The Court at the Delphinion: erected in 500 BC. 
  • The Gates of the city wall of Athens: built by Themistoklis in 479-478 BC. 
  • The Roman Bath: 124-132 AD. 
  • The Temple of Pan-Hellenic Zeus: 131-132 AD.
  • The Temple of Kronos and Rea: 150 AD. 

The Temple of Olympian Zeus (Olympeion) &  Hadrian’s Arch

The temple was completed in 131 AD by Roman emperor Hadrian (it took over 700 years to build) and 15 of the more than 100 immense columns of this temple now remain, with their Corinthian capitals.

The Temple of the Olympian Zeus
The Temple of the Olympian Zeus

The triumphal marble arch lies on an ancient street that led from the old city of Athens to the new Roman section. It was constructed by the Athenians in A.D. 131, in honor of their benefactor emperor. Two inscriptions are carved on the architrave, one on each side: the first, on the side towards the Acropolis reads "This is Athens, the ancient city of Theseus"; the second, on the other side, facing the new city reads "This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus".


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