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Detailed Social Program

During ISIT 2024, the IT Society has scheduled several events that are open to all attendees but require registration so that catering can be arranged appropriately. Seats for some of these events are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Overview Document

An overview document (in pdf format) with all relevant information, including a table of events, can be downloaded here.


Event DateTimeSocial ProgramNotes
July 7, 2024 (Sunday)17:15-19:15Workshops/Tutorials ReceptionReception
July 8, 2024 (Monday)12:50-14:35Alumni in IndustryLunch/Ballroom I
July 8, 2024 (Monday)15:25-16:55Recent Results Poster SessionLobby -1 Level
July 8, 2024 (Monday)19:00-22:30Welcome ReceptionReception/Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
July 9, 2024 (Tuesday)12:50-14:25WITHITS and D&I: "What makes a good volunteer"/Career Discussion PanelLunch/Ballroom I
July 9, 2024 (Tuesday)16:05-17:25Unconference: Generative AI and LLMsBallroom I
July 9, 2024 (Tuesday)17:30-18:30Awards SessionBallroom II & III
July 9, 2024 (Tuesday)18:30-20:30Awards ReceptionLobby -1 & -2 Level
July 10, 2024 (Wednesday)13:00-18:00Chess Event: Invited Talks and Simultaneous GameLunch and coffee/Ballroom I
July 10, 2024 (Wednesday)15:00-22:30Conference Excursions 
July 11, 2024 (Thursday)12:50-14:35Meet the Shannon LecturerLunch/Ballroom I
July 11, 2024 (Thursday)16:25-17:45Bits and Bots Competition Solutions ShowcaseBallroom I
July 11, 2024 (Thursday)19:30-00:30BanquetReception & Dinner/Ble Azure
July 12, 2024 (Friday)12:50-14:35Mentoring & OutreachLunch/Ballroom I
July 12, 2024 (Friday)16:25-17:45Early Career Funding Panel (NSF/ERC)Ballroom I


Alumni in Industry

When? July 8, 2024 (Monday) 12:50-14:35

Where? Ballroom I

Description: What were the first error-correcting codes  used in space?  which company patented LZ compression? Join us for an "industry facts trivia" game, and answer these and more. Lunch will be available inside the event room.

Host: Athina Markopoulou
Organized by: ITSoc Alumni in Industry Ad-Hoc Committee.


WITHITS and D&I: "What makes a good volunteer"/Career Discussion Panel

When? July 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 12:50-14:25

Where? Ballroom I

Description: The D&I committee will be hosting an interactive event to help all ITSOC members learn "What makes a good ITSOC volunteer" where the discussion will include volunteering as TPC members,  Associate Editors, committee chairs, and how to become an ITSOC Fellow. The event will include ITSOC EiCs, TPC chairs, Associate Editors, and board members that can share their insights into volunteering and its benefits and ways to effectively balance volunteering with other commitments.

WITHITS will host a career discussion panel that will feature several prominent researchers and will delve into a broad range of topics including career path insights, research choices, industry vs academia, academic job application process, interview preparation, navigating the tenure track, mentorship strategies, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Everyone is welcome to attend! Lunch will be served.


Unconference: Generative AI and LLMs

When? July 9, 2024 (Tuesday) 16:05-17:25

Where? Ballroom I

Description: Join us for an unconference on the impact of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) across research, education, and industry. This event encourages students and seasoned academics to openly discuss how they integrate these cutting-edge technologies into their academic tasks and explore their profound influence on education, research, and their future careers—whether in academia or beyond.

We also welcome seasoned professors to engage in reflective conversations, offering a unique opportunity to contemplate how these technologies are reshaping the academic landscape. Through thoughtful dialogue and shared insights, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional academic practices and modern technological advancements.

Please consider joining this collaborative discussion and explore how generative AI and LLMs are transforming academia. Beverages will be provided.


Chess Event: Invited Talks and Simultaneous Game

When? July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) 13:00-18:00

Where? Ballroom I

Description: The chess event will consist of two talks followed by a simultaneous chess game where a grandmaster will compete with 30 ISIT attendees.  It will be an informative and exciting afternoon. Lunch will be provided.


Meet the Shannon Lecturer

When? July 11, 2024 (Thursday) 12:50-14:35

Where? Ballroom I

Description: Join us for lunch as we interview the 2024 Shannon Lecturer, Andrew Barron of Yale University, about his youth, education, technical and non-technical interests, and perspective on the future of information theory.  After the interview, you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to this year’s Shannon Lecturer in a live Q&A session. Lunch will be provided. 


Bits n Bots Solutions Showcase

When? July 11, 2024 (Thursday) 16:25-17:45

Where? Ballroom I

Description: Web traffic today is increasingly dominated by automated agents and web scanners. Detecting malicious automated agents in real-time, especially amidst legitimate web traffic, presents an urgent and critical challenge posing problems in the intersection of information theory, statistics, machine learning, and cybersecurity. The Bits and Bots Competition leverages a dataset of more than two million events collected over several months. During this event, we will showcase the submitted solutions and announce competition winners. Snacks will be provided.


Mentoring and Outreach

When? July 12, 2024 (Friday) 12:50-14:35

Where? Ballroom I

Description: This year’s mentoring event includes a series of roundtables moderated by various members of the IEEE ITSoc and industry focusing on topics relevant to the experience of students, postdoctoral students, and young faculty members. We look forward to your participation in this event as an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with all members of the community.  Lunch will be provided.


Early Career Funding Panel

When? July 12, 2024 (Friday) 16:25-17:45

Where? Ballroom I

Description: This session features multiple panelists who have gone on to successful academic careers in information theory or communication areas after winning early career grants from the NSF and ERC. After a brief introduction to these awards, the panelists will briefly talk about how they used their awards to advance their research and education careers. There will be a question-and-answer portion. This session provides an opportunity for these winners to describe the long-term impact of the award on them and hopefully inspire audience members to pursue academia.  Snacks and beverages will be provided.