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ISIT Fun Runs

Fun Run Day 1
Fun Run Day 1
Fun Run Day 2
Fun Run Day 2
Fun Run Day 2
Fun Run Day 2

High resolution images are available for download here.

ISIT Fun Runs!

Join us for a few morning fun runs in Athens! We’ll run on Tuesday and Thursday morning, leaving early to (attempt to) beat the Athenian heat. 


Run leaders: Mary Wootters and George Alexandropoulos (local expert!).



  • All paces are welcome!  The group will likely split if there are lots of us who want to run at lots of different paces, so be prepared to find your own way back in case a run leader isn’t in your pace group.  (The routes are listed below, and we recommend you bring a phone with maps just in case).
  • It will be very hot – dress appropriately and consider bringing water!
  • UPDATE!!! We have changed the Thursday fun run.  We will MEET AT THE HOTEL AT 6AM ON THURSDAY!!!  See you there 🙂
  • Think about how fast you run and how long your post-run morning routine takes – we hope to be back at the hotel by 7am or earlier, but your estimates may differ from ours and we wouldn’t want anyone to miss the Shannon Lecture at 8:30am!


Tuesday Fun Run: Historic Athens! (About 4 miles / 6.4 km, or less if you like)

  • Meet at the Intercontinental Lobby around 6am – we will leave at 6:05am.
  • We will do an out and back with views of the Acropolis; get prepared to ascend and descend a small hill twice.  If you’d like to do less distance, just turn around earlier!
  • Map below, see for details.


Fun Run Map



Thursday Fun Run: Sightseeing Tour! (About 4.5 mi / 7.3 km, with an option for a bit less) NOTE: THIS HAS CHANGED as of Wednesday June 9!

  • We will meet AT THE HOTEL at 6am, and leave at 6:05am.  We will head towards the National Garden, and will attempt to hit a few landmarks like the Hellenic Parliament, and Zappeion hall before returning to the hotel.
  • Here’s a map of what we might do, see for details.
  • This map is tentative, we may wing it a bit as we get around the park.  Bring a phone/maps and make sure you know how to get back!


Thurdsday map